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The way you want your pet to be treated.


"I appreciate that Dr. Champion has always taken a holistic approach to any problems with our dogs. She is a good listener when it comes to symptoms our "boys" have shown and always makes certain that we understand all her instructions. She also follows-up after her exams.I also appreciate never feeling rushed during any consultations.

The staff are very professional, bright, caring individuals. They are always clarifying any instructions and are most accommodating in scheduling appointments.

I am certainly comfortable in recommending Dr, Champion and her staff to any of my friends."

Susan T.

"A dog is an integral part of your family and life. We have learned this over the years from having had the pleasure of having miniature dachshunds for over 40 years. In 1996, after starting anew with a miniature wire-haired dachsie we decided after hearing some very good referrals, to go to Dr.Carol Champion in Cumberland. Suffice to say it turned out to be the wisest decision we could have made both for our dog, Penny,and for our peace of mind.

Dr. Champion and her staff, lovingly cared for Penny till her passing in 2011 and now,for our brand new dachsies; Schatzie and Schnucki. They are miniature smooth red dachsies, who were litter mates and of course, sisters. This presents a unique and wonderful opportunity for us to nurture two dogs and fortunately for Dr. Champion to set the standard for the well-being of these two dogs.

I would not hesitate in recommending Champion Veterinary Health Care to assist any owner of any number of dogs,in guiding their care and health, from birth to maturity. Our trust in Champion Veterinary HealthCare and Dr.Champion and her staff, is well-founded and continues to be a source of confidence to ensure that our new dogs and indeed, these new family members continue to be happy, healthy and a source of great joy and love."

John and Eleanor L.

"Our family pets have been coming see Dr. Carol Champion since 1998. Two years ago our cat Hutch was diagnosed with diabetes. Although it seemed overwhelming at the time, Dr. Champion took the time to explain that it is not as bad as it seems. She helped us with insulin injections, glucose monitoring, and proper diet. I am pleased to say Hutch is now in remission, and no longer needs insulin. It is wonderful knowing you have a doctor, you can trust, and a staff that really cares."

Betsy M

"Dr. Carol Champion has cared for all of my dogs since 1997. Shihtzu's, Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Pomeranian's, she has taken care of them all. We have gone thru chemotherapy, multiple bandage changes, dental care, inoculations and general maintenance. Everything she does, is done with, skill, compassion, humour and the occasional cocktail now and again. I have and continue to be pleased with the service I receive from her expert care."

Ray Mahar

"This is a real cat friendly practice. Dr. Champion and her staff take care to ensure that all animals feel safe and calm in the clinic. Luigi loves coming here, and any pal of Luigi's is a pal of mine!"

M. Keller

"63 Lives. Never having been one to do things in half measure, over the years I have managed to accumulate a rather sizable number of felines. Seven at last count. "Seven," you say, "doesn't that make you kind of a weirdo?" No not at all, I know of man who has 46 cows, no one thinks he's strange.

However, when one has a Texas Hold'em hand of kitties, quite often a trip to a caring and competent medical facility is required. In other words the vet.

I'm not talking about a cat who may once in a while barf up a mass of grass, twigs and hair the size of a baseball, I mean real treatment. I'm sure those who have cats are familiar with the, "hooga, hooga, hooga sound a cat makes prior to regurgitating last weeks lunch on the carpet. Of course it has to be on the carpet even if they begin the hooga sound on the lino in the kitchen. As you struggle to flop a paper towel in front of them at the precise time of the massive heave, they swivel their head, Linda Blair style and bam… there it is on the carpet. That's not what I'm talking about.

When my brood have need of professional, knowledgeable veterinary care I have always trusted and returned to Cumberland Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Carol Champion and her staff are committed, (I mean that in the good way) to giving the best of care and service to the critters placed before them.

Like the time or multiple times that Red, our monstrous orange tabby, had a bite to his head. He's a bit of a scrapper. I say monstrous because Red is 22 lbs. and looks a lot like a meatloaf. Dr. Champion has advised us to see that he loses some weight, but when I put that to Red he shrugged and said, "I don't know what you're talking about, I'm a cat, are you going to finish that sandwich?" So the puncture was treated and he is well again, until the next time.

All of my cats have received preventative medicine at Cumberland Veterinary Clinic. The clinic keeps track of necessary updates and schedule appointments as required. This absolves me of any requirement to keep a journal, date book, or God forbid, a personal electronic device. I like that.

Lately, one of my rescue kitties has been having problems with pain and mobility. Off to Carol and Co. again. I must say they were very accommodating as I e-mailed them from my car at the curbside in front of the clinic to ask if I could bring him in and then I appeared twelve seconds later with Junior in hand. No problem, diagnosis was timely and a program of modern therapy and old fashioned lovin' was recommended. He's doing fine.

I've known Dr. Champion for twenty years and have always relied on the vast knowledge, incredible service and genuine caring attitude of the good doc and her fantastic staff. The care of my cats is of paramount importance to me and I wouldn't trust them to any other Veterinary clinic, but Cumberland.

Red likes the clinic too, although he has told me he's a bit put out because the staff has a tendency to finish entirely, whatever they bring for lunch."

Douglas K.